How To Stop The Anxiety Feelings.

The trigger

There can be many reasons for your anxiety, but there is always something that gets it going, that starts the anxiety feelings flowing. This is called “the trigger”.

When You Understand The Trigger’s Role In Your Anxiety You Can Diminish The Effect.

I often think of the trigger as the missing puzzle piece you need to get a hold of to be  able to see the whole picture of the puzzle. 

When you can figure out what the trigger is in a specific anxiety filled circumstances you have experienced, and perhaps more than once, then you are well on your way to be able  to control your stress and your anxiety.


A free worksheet

  • reflecting
  • answer questions
  • write answers in your notebook


In order to help you to take your first steps toward this goal; to feel anxiety free, I would like to invite you to download a free worksheet from me where you can start on your path to feel anxiety free by following a simple exercise.

In this worksheet you reflect on a situation that caused you severe anxiety feelings and then you answer a few questions, writing all your answers in your notebook.

When you long for loving your life again feeling anxiety free, this is an easy and a very effective way to start. You have all to win and nothing to lose, so please download this free worksheet and give the exercise  a try. – tie“



Your „me – time“


Give yourself a great gift, some private “me time” to open op the worksheet from me, Jona Saetran, your anxiety free coach or expert if you like, and take the first step towards understanding what triggered your anxiety in that specific situation.  


When you learn more about your anxiety and you learn to recognize the trigger for that particular situation or issue, then you can

  • decide if you will avoid this trigger,
  • ignore it or
  • enhance your self confidence so you can get out of you comfort zone in order to diminish the effect of it and then later be able to let go of that anxiety feeling.


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