Anxiety is a feeling that in many cases can serve us well, yes, it´s because it can prevent us from
doing something that could be hurtful or even fatal. We should really embrace the fact that we feel
anxious from time to time.
Working on building and running a successful business makes you vulnarable for experiencing sever
stress and being a woman doing so makes your even more vulnarable. We women are known for
neglecting taking care of our needs, always taking care of others needs first. I guess it is something in
our genes. Another thing characteristic for us business women is that we want to show that we can
do it all, we do not want to ask for help or admit failure and many of us are very reluctant to
delegate some of the workload to others.

Anxiety appears in many forms

  • Stresss is a respond to a frightening situation like if we are going to a meeting without proper preparation but believing it will be ok. Perhaps we start swetting a bit or we find it difficult to start our presentation but we make it through all right.
  • We can be very stressed knowing we must do something we know we are not capable to handle well. We can´t sleep one or two nights before, we loose our appetite and we have a hard time consentrating. We become really worried and then anxious as anxiety is a reaction to the stress. The anxious feelings get worse and we really fear the worst will happen. Here we need to be careful not to become short tempered. Being a successful business woman you need to keep it cool even under stress.
  • When we experience intens anxiety things may get out of hand and this point it can have an effect on our way of thinking and even about our behavior. We panic. We react without thinking. We say things we regret – or we keep quiet and later we regret we didn´t say anything, we didn´t do anything. We get scared. We throw up. We are certain the worst will happen
  • Being in a crowd of many people gives some a very intens anxiety often referred to as closter phobia.

It´s good to know that all the above scenarious are something you can find your way around as you get control over your thinking.  When you become anxious your thinking isn´t clear, you get confused and even trapped in your mind, you cant think straight. Perhaps you start sweeting or you feel dissy, some have trouble breathing, others get sick in their stomack, they feel desperate, frightened, sad or i.e. angry.

Your thinking pattern becomes locked in a loop, „the circle of anxiety“ until you learn the way out of it. Finding what triggers the anxiety feelings inside you and how to diminish the effect is key. There is always something that triggers the anxiety feelings and as we become anxious and our thinking tends to become irrational.

When this happens a lot and starts to stand in the way of us living a joyful and fulfilling life, it is important to face the problems, learning how to find out what triggers the anxiety feelings. As you understand what we call the circle of anxiety and you find what triggers your anxiety then you are well on your path to be able to feel anxiety free.

There are many more types of anxiety and if your anxiety is really bad or you feel dipression you should be sure to see a doctor or one who is a special therapist in anxiety or depression. Often some medication is recomended and if so it has to be used according to the advice from the doctors or therapist. Be sure to follow their advice.

I am not  a doctor nor a therapist. I am a professional certified coach (PCC coach / International Coach Federation) and through the last 24 years I have helped a great number of women; business women, women entrepernours and women in other professions,  to get control over their anxiety feelings so anxiety wouldn´t stop them any longer from doing what they needed to do or just loved to do. This I have done both online and in my office in Iceland or online in both Iceland and other countries, during my courses, 1:1 coaching, groupcoaching, retreats, as a keynote speaker, an author, a writer, a mentor and a teacher, working with life and anxiety free coaching, CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) study tecniques and high performance gudiance.

My vision is to show that you really can work on your anxiety, stop letting it interfere so much with your life any longer. I am not promising that you will never again have anxious feelings. That would be WRONG and not be realistic. On the other hand as you learn more about where those anxiety feelings come from and why, you may find that a number of your anxious feelings will not haunt you any more and others won´t feel so scary.

Perhaps you will find my approach a bit different from what you are used to from other coaches you have worked with and that´s ok as long as you get the results you long for.